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The Pilipino 78s

Where available, you may click on the hyperlink to see an image of the label


Information on this site comes thanks to the kind assistance of Polo Reyes.

Big thanks to Polo for his assistance!

Several of the illustrations of these records are through the kind courtesy of Edward Delos Santos.

He frequently has these available on auction at eBay! Search at eBay for seller and oldbestseller

Introductory notes:

Beatles 78s where issued in the mid 60s in the Phillipines by local licensees for the EMI family of labels, the Dyna company and Mico Manufacturing. These releases, all on Parlophone, were geared primarily toward jukebox operators and came in three label designs.

Initial releases manufactured by Mico came with a purple label that featured that word Parlophone to the left of the centre hole in a style similar to that of the red labels of UK Parlophone 45 rpm records of 1962.

Dyna Products Company releases had a multi-colour/ orange label initially with later releases having on a more traditional black label. Many of the later Dyna releases appear to be back catalogue reissues designed to capitalise on the Beatles worldwide success.

A curious note however is the fact that in the middle of the orange label releases we find the black label release of PAL-60104: Don't Bother Me b/w All My Loving. This possibly indicates that an orange label release of this 78 exists and that Dyna kept pressing even the back catalogue well into 1965! Any info on label variations most welcomed.

Two other interesting label variations have surfaced. The first is on PAL-60101, I Saw Her Standing There. Orange label copies exist with the composing credit as either Lennon-McCartney or McCartney-Lennon. The quantity pressed of either is unknown.

In the black label series, a second variation can be found. Most of the black label 78s that are known have the rights designation (All rights of the manufacturer...) around the top rim of the record, manufacturing credit along the bottom (Manufactured under license by Dyna Products Inc in the Philippines), and the notation "T.M. REG PHIL PAT OFF BY THE PARLOPHONE CO LTD" under the word Parlophone. Newly discovered are back label versions that do not carry the rights wording and change the manufacturing credit along the botton to read "Manufactured under license from EMI Ltd Great Britain by Dyna Products Inc in the Philippines". The rights wording has been replaced with the designation "THE PARLOPHONE COMPANY LIMITED". Finally, the wording under Parlophone has been changed to read simply "T.M. REG PHIL PAT OFF". Any info on other label variations most welcomed.

As of early 2004 these have realised US$600 to US$1000 on auction
LabelCatalog NumberTitleTitle
Purple Label (Mico Manufacturing)
ParlophoneEG 8883-1 From Me to You I Saw Her Standing There
Orange or Black Label (Dyna Products)
ParlophonePAL-60101 I Saw Her Standing There
-- label variation 1
(R 5084)
I Want to Hold Your HandPlease Please Me
ParlophonePAL-60103Twist and ShoutDo You Want To Know A Secret
ParlophonePAL-60104 Don't Bother Me All My Loving
ParlophonePAL-60105 Roll Over Beethoven Devil in her Heart
Parlophone PAL-60106
(R 5055)
She Loves You I'll Get You
(R 5015)
From Me to You Thank You Girl
Parlophone PAL-60161
(R 5114)
Can't Buy Me Love You Can't Do That
Parlophone PAL-60197
(R 5160)
A Hard Day's Night Things We Said Today
Parlophone PAL-60217 I'm Happy Just To Dance With You If I Fell
Parlophone PAL-60218 I Should Have Known Better And I Love Her
ParlophonePAL-60263 Love Me Do It Won't Be Long
ParlophonePAL-60282 Eight Days A Week Every Little Thing
Parlophone PAL-60283 Rock and Roll Music No Reply
Parlophone PAL-60284 I'm a Loser
-- label variation 1
Mr Moonlight
-- label variation 1
Parlophone PAL-60287 Honey Don't I'll Follow the Sun