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South America remains as big a hotbed of late 78s as anywhere else in the world, with almost every nation on the continent issuing 78s well into the mid 60s. Brazil saw releases by Helen Shapiro, Uruguay had releases by Del Shannon, and of course we have the Beatles' unique 78 rpm promo single from Argentina detailed elsewhere on this site. In 2008, a 78 from Colombia came onto the market in the form of the unique coupling of I Saw Her Standing There with Don't Bother Me. It was released on Odeon NCO-300855, possibly in early 1964.

In 2008, a copy was offered on eBay with an opening bid of US$2,999.99 and a Buy It Now price of US$6,000.

NEWS - March 2009
A Hard Day's Night has been confirmed on 78 in Colombia as NCO-300938. It appears to be a B-side! See below.

The A side is known to have been I Should Have Known Better. Its master number is OD.45036. Unfortuanately we have been unable to source an image of it.

This record sold for over US$1,200.

  Odeon NCO-300855
I Saw Her Standing There
Master: OD.100341-1-2 A-side
Don't Bother Me
Master: OD.100341-2-1 B-side
  Odeon NCO-300938
A Hard Days Night
Master: OD.45035 B-side