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Cool 78 of the Month

April 2005

Pat Hervey - Mister Heartache
RCA Victor 20-8090 (Philippines)
circa October 1962

The cool 78 of the month comes from teenager Pat Hervey. Little known outside of Canada she is a surprise find on a late 78 in the Philippines. Given the fact that label has stickers on it and the record has some wear, apparently station DZGE liked her enough to spin the record more than a few times!

Hailing from Toronto Ontario, Pat Hervey had a voice and a style similar to that of Brenda Lee. DJ Al Boliska of the legendary Toronto radio station CHUM heard her singing and helped launch her career via programmes like Country Hoedown on CBC TV. Art Snider, producer of the TV show Club Six and owner of the Chateau record label liked what he heard and signed her. While her first outing (Chateau C-135 Stormy Weather b/w Lonesome Trail) didn't hit, the follow up, Mister Heartache, recorded in Nashville and released in the summer of 1962 when Pat was 15 years old, not only made it to number 14 on the CHUM charts, but brought her to the attention of Chet Atkins and RCA Victor. This led to a 45 RPM release of Mister Heartache in the USA on RCA, a release that, sadly did not chart, but remains a true gem. With production by Chet Atkins, Pat had more Canadian hits such as Tears of Misery (RCA Victor 47-8135 - CHUM chart #11), but no action in the USA. A full LP was recorded, and Pat became a featured singer on the Tommy Hunter show on CBC TV. Pat continued to record great music into the 1970s. She resides in British Columbia with her husband Oliver Gannon, performing jazz as The Oliver Gannon/Patty Hervey Quartet.

Shown below are images of the B-side of the 78 as well as the original Chateau 45 from June 1962 and the US 45 from October 1962.

B Side
Pat Hervey - First Thing Tomorrow
Canadian 45 Release
Chateau C-143
USA 45 Release
RCA Victor 47-8090